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We appreciate your interest in our houses! One of the greatest joys we derive is the relationship we establish with our clients through the creation of their dream home.

In Krivaja Homes you will be partnered with a team of experts, including architects, engineers, designers, manufacturing experts, and a dedicated personal sales representative, who will be with you every step of the way.

Krivaja Homes is family business and we treat our clients as members of our family, and as a family, we will do anything and everything to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your new home.

Making home come true.

We have been building homes ever since 1950. That's more than sixty years of experience, progress and continuous innovation. In those sixty years we have built more then 1.5 million sqm for families in all part of the world, from Curaçao to Norway.

With a such a long history of building homes, we've learned that the key to producing happy homeowners lies in offering our customers the right choices to fit their budget and lifestyle. In short, we value what you value.

Rather than "home makers", we like to think of ourselves as "dream makers", we believe that we are in the business of making dreams come true - and we do not take such a responsibility lightly.


As a proof of quality both in processes as well as in products, we currently hold the following certificates.

Green Policy

We care about the environment and operate to ISO 14001, the timber we use comes from well managed and reputable sources.

KrivajaHomes Certificates
  • 1884

    Tradition of woodworks in this area began a while ago with two companies Gregerson & S?hne and Eisler und Ortlieb, who first recognised abundance of forest wealth in the Zavidovici area. Eisler und Ortlieb plant was described as among the largest and most up to date in Europe at the time.

  • 1949

    Industrial enterprise Krivaja, our parent company was born on the shoulders of those two companies and in the years to come it became one of the biggest and best known organisations in former Yugoslavia.

  • 1952

    Already in early '50 began development of prefabricated housing based on light prefabricated construction elements and wooden glued laminated construction. From the very beginning until today Krivaja-TMK d.o.o. has been market leader.

  • 1987

    From late seventies to early nineties Krivaja has made a house in almost every part of the globe. In Skopje, within five months, we've managed to build 2060 apartments. In Italy more then 3330 houses. In Turkey another 700, and thousands of sqm in Iraq. Even today we look with pride at our objects which were built three of four decades ago.

  • 2005

    After successful privatisation Krivaja-TMK d.o.o. became the direct successor of IP KRIVAJA Zavidovici prefabricated housing, from which we inherited the invaluable know-how built up over many years obtained in building homes, industrial and sport facilities and tourist and urban centres.

  • 2008

    Just three years after privatisation we moved significantly towards modernisation by building our very first very-low energy house, making it the first one in the country. And that was just one of many to come

  • 2012

    2012 is the year of our evolution and Modernization, with a significant investments and partnerships we moved towards passive house standard with a significant capacity expansion.

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