A Home Made of Dreams. Bespoke made to your wishes

Krivaja custom-made homes are built with precision and care to satisfy the expectation of our most demanding customers. made of superior materials by carefully trained craftsmen using the latest technologies.

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    Customly yours

    Krivaja custom homes are unique as you are, designed and manufactured to fit your lifestyle. Whether we are working with your architect or our design team, your desires and vision is the key priority.  Your dream house is not hard to reach, why settle with anything else.

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    Superbly Fast

    Krivaja Building System is incredibly fast. Mark your calendars, ~40 days from signing the agreement you will have a brand new home!  On site construction can be done in as little as a few days, the enjoyment of watching your home appear in front of you in matter of days is simply magical experience.

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    Beautifully priced

    When we build your custom home, all materials, products, and features are planned and ordered before the construction of your home begins. This lowers the price, and eliminates unexpected costs and hidden fees. All prices are discussed up front depending on your model, custom features, and build requirements.

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    Precision built

    Precision built means a next level of home building that can only be achieved in Krivaja Homes' indoor off-site production facility, by the most experienced craftspeople and highly qualified engineers. Our building system exceeds the performance of site-build homes while minimizing resources, waste, and CO2 emissions. 

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    Complete support

    The building of a new home is a rewarding yet challenging experience but with help of Krivaja Engineering team you'll get the ultimate suppport needed to make your wishes come true. With more then 60 years of experience, we have seen it all - and yet every custom home is still something new and exciting for us.

  • Contact

    During our first meeting with you, we will discuss your drawings, ideas and needs. If you do not have drawings already completed, our team of architects is ready to help you.

  • Plan

    Now that we know you a little better. Engineering team can start drawing preliminary design, working closely with you to insure all the details are covered. Meanwhile, our sales team will draft you a proposal.

  • Presentation

    Our team will present a design proposal using the project description and budget as a guide. Our sales team will put together a preliminary offer. Everything is spelled out and reviewed with you to identify any concerns or adjustments that you would wish to make.

  • Sign

    Once you are happy with the proposal and quote, all we will need is your approval and signature to start manufacturing your dream home.

  • 40 days

    Mark your calendars because ~40 days from signing the agreement you will have a brand new home. In those ~40 days all the magic happens from manufacturing to construction, your new home will appear in front of you in matter of days.

  • Enjoy

    Congratulations and enjoy your new home!

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