Built to last for generations

Making your home as energy efficient as possible will reduce carbon emissions, provide you with better comfort and reduce your energy bill by five times.

Krivaja low-energy houses

How are very low-energy houses built?

Krivaja low-energy houses are carefully designed and manufactured to the highest level of comfort while having the minimum energy requirement for heating, lighting, etc. That is achieved with a high level of thermal insulation, an air-tight shell, a controlled fresh air ventilation system and by maximising  the use of free solar gains through good design. The heat recovery ventilation system and high-quality doors and windows are part of a very low-energy house "package".

Annual heating requirement for low-energy houses is between 15 and 50 kWh/m2. They are just slightly less energy-efficient than passive houses, but the initial construction costs are much lower, and the investment pays off sooner.

Checklist of a House's Energy Efficient Factors

Use energy efficient windows (e.g. Futura 96, Natura+ 96)
Make the house airproof and ensure sufficient ventilation
Minimize thermal bridges
Use a ventilation system that is equipped with good heat retention

For extra points

Use protection against overheating risks in summer
Pay attention to the energy efficiency of lights and electrical devices
Use renewable energy source (e.g. solar energy)
Design and orientation of the house should be carefully considered

3l -Wall

Features and advantages

Cut costs, live healthier and happier

Lowenergy _saveEnergy Efficiency 

Save a penny

House should be built to last for generations. Therefore, it makes sense to make your home as energy-efficient as possible from the beginning to ensure lower life-time costs and better life quality. 
The energy prices have risen extensively and and are set to continue to rise.
By choosing a Krivaja low energy house you can keep energy costs under control and become much less vulnerable to future fluctuations of energy prices.


Lowenergy _sound

Sound insulation

Silence is golden.

Our low-energy homes have tight constructions which not only improves the energy performance, but also effectively blocks out unwanted sounds from outside which can have a negative impact on your sleep and general comfort.



Lowenergy _indoorHealthy indoor climate

Live healthier

Krivaja low-energy homes have a significantly better indoor climate than that found in traditional houses. A healthy indoor climate is of great significance, as we spend about 85% of our time indoors. Our building system ensures that the temperature across your home stays constant. Cool home in the summer and consistent warmth in every room when it's deep snow outside.



Lowenergy _greenEnvironment-friendly

Be kind to environment

A healthy indoor climate is very important. So is the global environment, and by choosing Krivaja low-energy house you can do both a favour. Buildings in the EU are responsible for more than 40% of total EU energy consumption, and the residential sector for about 25%. Building a more energy efficient home will help lower our CO2 emissions and help fight climate change.


Energy Savings

How much energy will you save