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Krivaja GLULAM is factory tailored natural structural material that is economical, strong and good to look at.

Structural glued-laminated timber (glulam) is a highly engineered, stress-rated product. It permits new uses, enhances the natural beauty and extends the enduring qualities of wood.

Krivaja Glulam

Atractive, resilient and unbelievably versatile


Krivaja Glulam is a engineered wood product composed of fir and spruce wood laminations that are bonded together with strong, waterproof adhesives, manufactured in accordance with EN 386 / EN 14080.

One of the greatest advantages of glulam is that it can be manufactured into almost any shape while maintaining its high load-bearing capacity. Glulam beams are distinguished by outstanding dimensional stability, efficiency and versatility. The ability to create innovative designs while maintaining quality and strength, make this cost competitive material the natural choice for every project. Wood has regained its popularity and is being used more in a host of residential and commercial applications.

Now, more then ever «green» construction has induced architects and engineers to use wood as the natural building material. Natural beauty of wood and glulam in particular has many unique qualities to offer.

Krivaja Homes is one of the oldest suppliers of glulam in the area. With more then 50 years of experience, we offer complete and unrivalled expertise from service and support to manufacture and installation.

Technical Data

Types of wood:Spruce / Fir

Grading: Acc. to EN 14081

Product standard: EN 14080 or EN 386

Strength class: GL 24h (EN 14080), BS11 (EN 386)

Moisture content: 10 to 12 % + / - 2 % on delivery

Gluing: Melamine resin-based adhesive

Color of glue lines: Light coloured glue lines (melamine adhesive)

Density: Approx. 550 kg / m?

Width: 70 - 220

Height: 80 - 1500

Length: 2 - 55 m, standard size 5 m

Lamella thickness: 10/22/32/42 mm



Why Glulam?

Advantages and qualities of Glulam

Unmatched versatility.

Glulam has greater strength, stability and stiffness than dimensional timber and can be produced in uniform or varying depths to give strength where it is required. Lengths, dimensions and shapes can be produced almost without limit, making Glulam unsurpassed in its versatility. 

Appearance, aesthetics.

Glue-laminated structural timber products are usually specified for the beauty as well as for strength. The natural aesthetic qualities of Glulam allow the structural elements of a building to be exposed for architectural effect. This combined with the natural warmth and timeless appeal of exposed timber make Glulam ideal for any application requiring an appealing and architecturally interesting structure. 


Weight for strength, a Glulam beam is stronger than both steel and concrete. This means that  Glulam beams can span very long distances with minimal intermediate support required. Dependent upon specific loading conditions a steel beam may be 20% heavier and a reinforced concrete beam 600% heavier than an equivalent Glulam beam for carrying the same load. The resulting lighter structure can lead to significant economies in foundation construction. 

Consistency of Performance.

The process of glue laminating timber eliminates the natural performance variations that  characterise solid sawn timber. As Glulam beams are engineered wood products that are manufactured to meet specific performance criteria, the specifier and user can be assured that Glulam products will consistently perform as expected.

Ease of installation.

When it comes to installation existing, traditional skills can be used and builders who are confident in working with timber easily handle Glulam products. Other sub trades find timber easier and quicker to connect to. As a consequence, erection times are significantly reduced in Glulam structures. 

Fire resistance

When exposed to the heat of a fire, timber undergoes a thermal breakdown (pyrolysis) into combustible gases, and a layer of charcoal forms on the burning surface. Glue laminated timber burns slowly and at a predictable rate, and as such fire design techniques can be relatively easily applied. When large cross-sections are subjected to a fire a char forms around the outside of the beam that protects the core by restricting the oxygen supply. There have been examples of portal frame buildings that have effectively burnt down leaving only the charred portal frame. The portal frames were then cleaned and, after engineers' inspection, the structure rebuilt on the existing Glulam. 


Glulam uses the World's most prolific renewable construction material. For their load carrying capability, Glulam beams are very efficient to produce. The energy required to produce a glue-laminated beam from the log is only a fraction of the energy required to produce steel from ore or concrete from limestone.

Using Glulam in fact contributes to a positive storage of carbon compared to the large amount of carbon emission resulting from the production of steel. All round, the production of Glulam has the least effect on the environment by far. 

Resistant to aggressive chemical substances

Glulam is resistant to aggressive chemical substances.Therefore structures made of glulam are also suitable for buildings which are used to store materials such as fertilis- ers, salt or acids.

Glulam beams and trusses are the preferred building material when it comes to swimming pool and wellness spa structures as they combine structural advantages with the resistant to an aggressive climate while providing an aesthetical appear- ance. 


Quality and Technical Specification

Specification and quality criteria

Quality Criteria

Krivaja GLULAM is produced in two different surface qualities: 

  • Visible quality: For visibile applications (e.g. in residental buildings, schools, sport facilities)

  • Industrial quality: For use in not-visible areas (e.g. industrial buildings, agricultural buildings)



Visibile Quality

Industrial Quality

Planned quality

Roughness not permissible

Roughness permissible


Firmly intergrown knots permissible

Knot holes up to 10 mm permissible 

Firmlt intergrown knots permissible

Knot holes permissible

Resin pockets

Sizes up to 5x50 mm permissible





Insect infestation

Not permissible



Blue stain and red steak up to 5%

of the visible surface permissible




Structural Systems

Glulam Technical Guide


Transport and delivery

Transport, delivery and assembly of Glulam


Components with a maximum length of 13,60 m can be transported in open or closed lorries without any problems. The lorries are loaded in our factories with a side loading fork lift. If unloading by crane is required, this should be agreed in advance with our sales or logistical department.Direct deliveries to a construction site are possible following agreement with our logistics representative. 


Our factory in Zavidovici, BiH have a rail connection. Depending on the destination, transport by rail freight may be an economic alternative. Due to glulam's light weight, the transportation costs are much lower than those for steel and concrete.

Special Transport

Due to national and international traffic rules and regulations, components that exceed 13,60 m in length, 2,40 m in width or 2,60 m in height require special transportation that is subject to approval.
Our sales and logistics representative are experienced in this sector and always endeavour to find the optimum solution. In order to quote the exact beam dimensions are required.
Special transportation must be requested on an individual basis and requires a longer lead- time in the quotation phase than standard transport. 

When transported by rail freight the maximum length is up to 48 m, by truck maximum lenght is up to 37 m. 



Glulam is normally wrapped in plastic to keep it clean and dry during transport and while it sits on site before erection.



Glulam structures can be erected fast and simple, every unit is marked as in project documentation. The parts are assembled by nailing, screwing or bolting, unaffected by the time of year or the weather, and any adjustments can be made with simple hand tools. Glulam elements are connected with steal plates, steal rings and screws for wood. For larger projects assebly is done with the help of crane and scaffold.

A glulam frame can carry its full load immediately after the assembly. It is a well-tested building material which, correctly used, has extremely good durability.

Numerous objects that we have built, over decades, are the best proof of our extraordinary technology and expert work force that can face even the biggest challenges which wood constructions can set before them.