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Economical and eco-friendly solution to insulation concerns.

Light construction boards provide improved thermal and sound insulation with the added benefit of eco-friendliness and durability.

Wood Wool Cement Board

Production, properties and application

What is WWCB?

Wood Wool Cement Board is a versatile, ecologically pure and safe construction material, meeting all criteria of comfortable and safe housing.

WWCB is made of woodwool and Portland cement with addition of natural mineralizing agent.

High content of wood in WWCB makes them similar by ecological properties to wood mass, at the same time; the cement provides WWCB with durability and long service life, allows using them as a perfect construction material.

Wood wool is a band-like fibers 0,2 - 0,5mm thick, 3 - 5 mm wide and up to 25 mm long, cut on the special equipment. It has a function of filler in content of fiberboard. Due to this feature, woodwool slabs have valuable properties of timber, as a natural, ecologically pure material, its strength and perfect thermal insulation. Portland cement is water resistant and frostproof. The content of cement provides ready slabs with durability and long-term service life.



Wood strands are first impregnated, and then by pressing they are bonded with cement in the continuous technological process. In this process wood strands become resistant to expanding, insects, rotting, water absorption, and fire resistance is also significantly improved. Testing has proved that the properties of WWCB improve over the years. 

Krivaja WWCB come in 600 x 20000mm sheets and are available in 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm or 75mm thicknesses, on order WWCB are available in thicknesses ranging from 15 to 100 mm. 



Thermal insulation

Low density of WWCB gives them a good thermal properties. Krivaja 50 mm WWCB have confirmed coefficient of thermal conductivity of 0.059 W/mK, which completely corresponds with construction materials for insulation purpose.

Sound insulation

WWCB has very good acoustic absorption properties since the open surface structure allows for a high level of sound absorption.They are often used to absorb sound in factories, public gathering places, sports and concert halls. 

Great durability and resistance 

The material is known for its good durability. It has very good fire resistance, tolerates damp and is not attacked by mould or rot. Woodwool slabs have good re- sistance to insect pests, as termites.

Compared to many other insulation materials, wood- wool slabs have good bending and compression strength. They are easy to saw, drill and nail. They have good adhesion to rendering/plastering mortars and concrete. 

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Sandwich Board

Production, properties and application

What is Krivaja Sandwich Board?

This board is composed of Krivaja WWCB board and styrofoam board, by which insulation properties of these two boards are combined to create one universal Krivaja sandwich board. Krivaja sandwich board is resistant to vibrations, atmospheric influences and it is easily glued or mechanically fastened to wall or concrete.

Krivaja sandwich boards are made in two- and three-layer shape. Krivaja two-layer sandwich board is made of two boards; Krivaja WWCB board and Krivaja Styrofoam board. Dimensions of expanded polystyrene in two-layer Krivaja sandwich board can vary from 15 to 100 mm. Krivaja three-layer sandwich board is bots sides coated with Krivaja WWCB board. Dimensions of expanded polystyrene in three-layer Krivaja sandwich board can also be of different thickness, depending on use and requirements of the client. 

According to the report on testing of quality of Krivaja sandwich board of 50 mm, which was conducted by "Institute for civil engineering, construction materials and nonmetals" d.o.o. Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, confirmed coefficient of thermal conductivity is ? = 0.045 W/mK, which completely corresponds with construction materials for insulation purpose.


Technical properties:

- hard to incinerate
- plastered boards improve sound insulation up to Rw = 10 dB
- small weight and good thermal insulation properties
- excellent surface for application of all kind of plasters and mortars
- plastered boards are very resistant to fire
- traditionally simple installation


- for thermal insulation of outside walls with two- and three-layer mortars
- for thermal and sound insulation of inside walls in buildings of all kinds
- for thermal insulation of slope roofs
- for thermal insulation of ceilings
- for boarding
- for thermal insulation of ceilings above not heated or open passages ,etc.