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In the serene landscapes of Grunnfjord, Norway, lies a remarkable testament to our expertise in prefab and glulam construction: Bull Gård. Spanning an impressive 700 sq m in floor area, this estate is complemented by a 100 sq m barn, fondly known as the "cathedral", and a plush 250 sq m apartment. This elegant barn, rising towards the northern Norwegian sky, beautifully encapsulates the harmonious union of nature's beauty with man's architectural prowess.

Elegant prefab and glulam barn
Cow-Calf at Bull GårdCow at Bull Gård

The vision behind Bull Gård was the brainchild of Nedzad Zdralovic, a distinguished Senior Engineer at the county governor in Finnmark. With his deep-rooted understanding of the environment and its intricacies, Zdralovic meticulously crafted a design that not only stood out but also blended seamlessly with the natural backdrop of Grunnfjord.

Barn in Grunnfjord

Central to the architectural marvel of Bull Gård are our signature large-span glued laminated beams. These beams not only provide robust support to the structure but also add an element of earthy aesthetics, perfectly resonating with the rustic charm of the surroundings. Alongside these beams, our expertise in prefab construction ensured a swift and efficient building process, all while ensuring no compromises on structural integrity or visual appeal. To round off the construction, our intricately designed doors and windows were incorporated, adding a touch of modernity to this countryside masterpiece.

Large-span glued laminated beams
Laminated beams structureConnecting laminated beams

While Bull Gård stands as a symbol of our craftsmanship, its journey to completion was not without challenges. Situated in the remote expanse of Grunnfjord, the logistics of the construction process posed considerable hurdles. Yet, with our dedication, innovative approach, and unwavering commitment, we transformed these challenges into opportunities, ultimately bringing the vision of Bull Gård to life.

Work in progress on barn in Grunnfjord
Glulam beams joinery

For us, Bull Gård is not just a project; it's a representation of our promise to deliver unparalleled quality, even in the face of adversity. Through this estate, we have showcased that with the right blend of expertise and passion, architectural wonders can be created in the most unexpected places.

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