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Futura 96 window interior and exterior profile



Futura embodies the perfect fusion of style and functionality in its alu-wood window ranges, the Futura 78 and Futura 96. These windows showcase the natural elegance of timber combined with the robustness of aluminum, tailored for contemporary architectural needs. The interior of each window can be tailored to complement your style, while the exterior is adaptable to match the building's facade. 

The Futura 96 is particularly notable for its thicker, more robust sash, enhancing both structural integrity and insulation. This leads to superior thermal performance and energy efficiency. 

Both the Futura 78 and 96 series are designed to optimize energy efficiency, boasting excellent thermal values that minimize heat loss and maintain comfortable indoor climates, making them ideal for modern living environments.

Additional Standard Features and Special Options:

  • Warm-Edge Glazing: Included as standard, providing better thermal performance and reducing condensation.
  • Low-E Energy Glass: Standard low-emissive (Low-E) glass features an invisible coating that reflects heat while allowing light to pass, enhancing energy efficiency.
  • Special Options: Customize your windows with options like tinted, security and noise-blocking glass.
  • Wood Finish: Treated with eco-friendly, water-based ECO lacquers for durability. Depending on the specific line, these windows undergo treatments that include biocidal protection, inter-layer, and a lacquer finish. Options include semi-covering colors that highlight wood’s natural texture and full-coverage topcoats available from the RAL color chart. Wood, being a natural material, may show color and texture variations.
  • Aluminum Finish: Choose between anodized treatments for enhanced corrosion resistance or plasticized coatings for a vibrant finish. The plasticization process involves applying paint powder and fusing it at 180°C for durability. Options include a variety of RAL colors and wood imitation finishes.

At Krivaja Homes every single window and door is produced in accordance with an individual specification, without compromising on delivery times.

Exterior Doors

We make an array of wooden exterior doors, including traditional molded styles and more contemporary designs. This is merely a representation of the full breadth of our craftsmanship. We also accommodate custom designs, granting the opportunity to tailor your exterior door to individual preferences, as far as technical feasibility allows. With a balanced blend of standard and bespoke options, each Krivaja door is a testament to superior quality, contributing significantly to the architectural character of your exterior facade.

Glass exterior doors
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Exterior Doors

Interior Doors

Handcrafted precision and design excellence define our interior doors. Far surpassing standard offerings, each door showcases meticulous craftsmanship and superior quality. Whether inspired by existing styles or based on entirely custom specifications, our doors cater to diverse design aspirations. Our range encompasses solid wood, sleek veneer doors, and sophisticated glass framed options. The customization doesn't stop there. With an extensive palette of colors available, each door can be tailored to fit seamlessly within its intended space. Moreover, durability and functionality are guaranteed with our premium fittings sourced from trusted industry leaders, Hoppe and GU. Every door, beyond its aesthetic appeal, is a testament to quality, detail, and the fine art of door-making.

Krivaja Interior Door
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Interior Doors


Our natural hardwood shutters come in both classical and contemporary designs. Enhancing facades with a timeless style and charm, they effectively shield interiors from the sun's heat and glare and insulate against cold. Available in fixed or adjustable louvre options, and with sliding or folding mechanisms, each shutter is tailor-made to specific requirements. With meticulous craftsmanship, we ensure durability and aesthetic appeal in every piece. Additionally, we offer aluminium external blinds for those seeking a modern touch.

Krivaja Shutters
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Stairs and Balusters

We offer a comprehensive range of stair and baluster designs. From architectural centerpieces to understated accents, each design is adaptable to specific client requirements. We facilitate direct collaboration for customizations, ensuring that every millwork package aligns with the home's architectural context and the client's personal style. Options for customization include selecting from various wood species such as oak, fir, beech, and larch. Clients can also specify handrail styles and finishes. For those envisioning a blend of traditional and contemporary, we offer mixed material options, combining the warmth of wood with the sleekness of metal.

Krivaja Custom made Staircase
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Stairs and Balusters

Exterior Railing

Exterior railings are essential for safety and aesthetics. Specializing in wooden railings, these products offer warmth and elegance, crafted from the finest timber for both durability and style. However, the range doesn't stop there. Metal, glass, or a blend of these materials are also available, catering to diverse architectural tastes. Whether a client seeks the rustic charm of wood, the sleek finish of metal, the clarity of glass, or a unique combination, there's a design to fit every vision. These railings, precision-crafted with a commitment to quality, elevate any balcony's appearance and functionality.

Krivaja Exterior Railing
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Exterior Railing

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