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We are currently in the midst of an exciting project known as "Southshore," where our expertise in prefab manufacturing shines. Our mission involves producing and installing 10 residential low-energy prefab houses, an endeavor that's currently in progress.

Low-energy prefab house

Award Winning Team

These remarkable homes were meticulously prefabricated in Bosnia and are being expertly assembled in Seaton, UK. "Southshore" is a testament to collaboration, as it features the brilliant work of the award-winning Stephens + Stephens design team. Their vision marries modern art deco aesthetics with the chic allure of Miami Beach houses, all while infusing a touch of refined glamour.

Chic allure of Miami Beach housesResidence prefabricated by Krivaja

One of the project's defining features is its external cladding, a harmonious blend of aesthetic timber and natural stone elements. These properties were architecturally designed to seamlessly merge with the surrounding bio-diverse environment, harmonizing with nature in a way that enhances the overall appeal of the area.

Aesthetic timber and natural stone elementsSouthshore by Krivaja
Outdoor Southshore

"Southshore" is a testament to our dedication to innovation, sustainability, and delivering homes that not only meet the highest standards of energy efficiency but also elevate the art of modern living. We look forward to sharing more about this project as it progresses towards its completion.

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