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In 2017, we ventured into the picturesque landscapes of Sweden to assemble a modern prefab private home. Spanning a generous 172 m^2, the design seamlessly embodies the essence of a comfortable family home, integrating spaces that flow into each other.

Indoor glulam beams
Dark tile bathroomSwearis kitchen

Central to its design ethos is a large open expanse characterized by a soaring ceiling, accentuated by the raw elegance of visible glulam beams. This expansive character finds further resonance in the large window openings, featuring the robust and aesthetic Futura wood-aluminium profile.

Large openings and visible glulam beams

A pristine white Sto stucco facade system wraps this architectural marvel, not only speaking volumes about its aesthetic appeal but also ensuring durability. Every corner and detail of the interior space resonates with our craftsmanship, right from the integral elements down to the joinery, all bearing our unique touch. 

Private residence in nature by Krivaja
Entrance door by KrivajaSwearis facade
Private residence in nature by Krivaja

Complementing the primary structure is an expansive carport, fused with a utility shed. Made out of resilient larch glulam and cladding, it not only provides functional value but also reinforces the design's allegiance to organic materials and sustainability. Every element of Swearis, right from the initial design phase by our dedicated engineering team to the final built form, echoes our commitment to excellence, innovation, and holistic living.

Carport constructionWooden carport

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