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In 2020, we successfully completed the construction of four prefabricated townhouses in Zierikzee, Netherlands. These townhouses were installed by our client on an existing concrete foundation, resulting in significant cost savings by reutilizing the foundation of the previous structures.

Prefabricated townhouse in Zierikzee

The primary challenge was to ensure that the new homes could be supported by the existing foundation. To achieve this, the client has chosen our low-weight prefabricated wall system. The townhouses boast exceptional insulation values and feature triple-glazed windows, providing residents with excellent sound insulation, superior living comfort, and reduced energy consumption.

Low-weight prefabricated wall systemTriple-glazed windows

In close collaboration with the client, we have built the homes to comply with current energy efficiency standards and residential program requirements. One notable architectural detail is the brick-ventilated facade, which was installed on our energy-efficient wall system. This design choice enhances the aesthetics and energy performance of the buildings.

Brick-ventilated facade

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