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Dover Athletic Football Club’s new ‘Family Stand’ is an seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics, offering seating to 500 spectators alongside state-of-the-art club facilities. At its core, the design incorporates prefabricated panels, engineered wood—most notably Glulam, a wooden facade, and meticulous joinery. This combination provides not just a structural soundness, but a sustainable and environmentally conscious edifice.

Dover Athletic Football Club prefabricated wood Family Stand
Dover Athletic Football Club stand construction

One of the pivotal challenges faced was the stand's location—a narrow site on a hillside. Our approach capitalized on the situation. By using a our prefab system and engineered wood, the entire structure took shape in a mere 12 weeks. The extensive use of renewable, sustainably-sourced timber has softened the structure, integrating it into its hillside setting.

Back of the Dover Athletic Football Club Family Stand- built on a narrow site on a hillside
Dover Athletic Football Club Family Stand prefab glulam beams

In partnering with Lee Evans Partnership, we've successfully navigated site constraints and utilized advanced prefab techniques to execute this project efficiently. The 'Family Stand', with its robust construction and thoughtful integration of sustainable materials, exemplifies engineering precision and our dedication to sound, sustainable practices. As we move forward, this structure stands as a clear benchmark of our technical expertise and commitment to sustainable construction in the field.

Dover Athletic Football Club Family Stand assemblyDover Athletic Football Club Family glulam beams assembly
Dover Athletic Football Club Family Stand beam placement

Our innovative glulam timber and prefabricated panel solution enabled us to construct the modular 'Family Stand' for Dover Athletic Football Club in just 12 weeks, incorporating sustainable materials and environmentally friendly design.


• CIAT Award for Excellence in Architectural Technology 2017 – Highly Commended
• Groundtastic’s Ground Awards 2016/2017 – Best New Non-League Stand

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