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Situated on the picturesque island of Hvar, the Valamar Amicor Green Resort stands as a beacon of sustainable and ecologically-conscious architecture. The resort is the first tourism initiative to introduce ecologically prefabricated buildings and modular constructions tailored to meet the high Valamar accommodation quality standards. Every facet of its design draws inspiration from the beauty of nature, fusing sustainability with luxury.

Valamar Amicor Green Resort, the island of Hvar in Croatia

We took pride in our role, undertaking the prefabrication and installation of three distinct villa designs. This effort amounted to a total of 66 villas, covering an architectural footprint of approximately 4000 m^2.

Valamar Amicor single residence
Valamar Amicor Green Resort, energy efficient villa design

Setting the Valamar Amicor Green Resort apart is its reliance on prefabricated construction. This approach not only expedites the construction timeline but also ensures energy conservation, fosters an environment for controlled production conditions, and offers the potential for easy disassembly. This flexibility paves the way for the reuse of building components, underlining the resort’s commitment to sustainability.

Valamar Amicor by Krivaja, lounging terrace
Valamar Amicor Green Resort breakfast timeValamar Amicor kitchen and living room open space

At the heart of the resort's construction is a staunch commitment to energy efficiency. Employing green products and cutting-edge technologies, we ensured that the designs and constructions adhere to the nZEB (nearly zero energy building) standard.

Valamar amicor living room
Beacon of sustainable and ecologically-conscious architectureWelcome to  Valamar Amicor Green Resort
Valamar Amicor bedroom

Embarking on this venture, aim was not just to create a luxury resort, but to lay down a benchmark in sustainable tourism accommodations. We're proud to be at the forefront of this endeavor, bringing to life a resort that resonates with the ethos of tomorrow.

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