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The Malmbryggshage community stands as a robust testament to our prowess in handling projects of large magnitude. In 2017, we undertook a formidable residential project, which saw the construction of nine substantial structures, jointly accommodating over 30 apartments and covering an impressive 4000 m^2 expanse.

Residential project with over 30 apartments by Krivaja
Street view of Malmbryggshage residential community

Our focus on robust construction techniques and materials is evident throughout the Malmbryggshage project. The exteriors, finished with the durable ETERNIT cedral in a white wood variant, ensure longevity.

Durable ETERNIT cedral exterior finish by Krivaja
White wood variant of ETERNIT cedralOutside terrace by Krivaja

Committed to sustainability and efficient energy usage, the structures incorporate walls enhanced with stone-wool insulation sandwiched between fermacell boards, a combination that ensures thermal efficiency and structural strength.

Protection against the elements is paramount, and the high-quality steel sheet roofs provide both resilience against diverse weather conditions and a modern, streamlined look. The incorporation of our Futura 76 Aluminium-wooden windows ensures optimal natural light and views for the residents while maintaining energy efficiency.

Terrace view of Malmbryggshage community
Futura 76 Aluminium-wooden windows by Krivaja
Optimal natural light and views for the residents

The solid wood interior doors, accompanied by Hoppe fittings, and the naturally finished wooden staircases highlight our commitment to using materials that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally sound.

Beautiful solid wood door
Wooden staircase designTop of the wooden staircase
Wooden staircase with minimalistic interior design
Beautiful wooden staircase

In summation, Malmbryggshage represents a blend of efficiency, durability, and thoughtful construction, making it more than just a residential space but a thriving community built to stand the test of time.

Let’s embark on the journey to
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