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We are proud to showcase our significant contribution to the Prishtina Mall, an architectural marvel located 10km from Pristina, the capital city of Kosovo. As a leading Glulam manufacturer, our involvement in this prestigious project underscores our commitment to quality and innovation in the field of sustainable construction materials.

Prishtina Mall at night

The Prishtina Mall, designed by the acclaimed US-based Laguarda Low Architects, draws inspiration from the natural beauty of the Sharr Mountains in southern Kosovo. Our Glulam products played a vital role in bringing this vision to life, seamlessly integrating with the design concept that mirrors the mountains' plateaus, forests, and rivers. This architectural masterpiece was honored with the “Best Retail Architecture” award by the IPA, a testament to its exceptional design and construction.

Prishtina Mall architectural design
Prishtina Mall openings and lightGlulam beams in Prishtina Mall

Our contribution to the mall centered around providing high-quality Glulam class GL28h, 60 minutes fire resistance. We successfully produced, transported, and assembled 12000 m3 of Glulam, alongside 66000 kg of fittings, a testament to our capability in handling large-scale projects. The Glulam was used in sectors S5, S38, S18-19, and S33-S34. The combination of wood and glass in these areas accentuates the main entrances and internal corridors, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal and creating a unique 'sky and light' effect within the mall.

Prishtina Mall beamsPrishtina beams glulam
Krivaja building the Prishtina mall
Construction of Prishtina MallPrishtina Mall interior structure
Prishtina Mall well lit interior with glulam structure

During the final inspection in March 2023, the quality of our work received special commendation from the investor and the supervisory service. Our Glulam structures not only provided the Prishtina Mall with a distinctive architectural element but also demonstrated the practicality and beauty of using sustainable materials in modern construction. The Prishtina Mall stands as a proud representation of our expertise and dedication to excellence in the Glulam manufacturing industry.

Prishtina Mall aerial viewPrishtina Mall work on the facade

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