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Villa Senza


Private residence


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In 2020 we have embarked on a project to design and assemble Villa Senza in the scenic environs of Croatia's Kvarner region. Designed as a high-end rental property, the villa combines technical prowess with thoughtful environmental considerations. 

Villa in the scenic environs of Kvarner region

The resilient facade, integrating stone and stucco, showcases a harmonious blend of aesthetic appeal and durability. Our focus on low energy construction techniques is evident throughout the property, and the inclusion of energy-efficient openings further ensures a minimal environmental footprint. 

Stone and stucco facade
Outside barbecueHallway
Energy efficient openings

The villa's architectural layout offers a seamless flow from each bedroom to the pool area, maximizing both the usability of space and the unique experience it offers to guests. 

The project's excellence is underscored by its 10/10 verified guest rating, affirming the successful fusion of form, function, and sustainability.

Living room with a view of the pool
Kitchen in a high-end rentalModern, minimalist bathroom
Poolside Dining area

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